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Articles Written = Discounted and Free Education

Write articles for credits that you can use for discounted and free courses that are listed on this website.  Plus! The same credits can also be redeemed for free stays in amazing eco-hostels, hotels, reserves and more worldwide!

Imagine you could get a free Permaculture Design Course, $1,000 value, (or any other participating course on our website), just by writing articles about amazing people, places and topics for the planet and it’s creatures!

What are the writing projects?

We like to keep them simple and creative! Sign up here…

Writing Project #1: Writing an article / email interview about influential, exciting, legendary people.


– Intro Paragraph

– Copy and Paste 5 answered interview questions that you emailed to them.

  • Thoughtful, creative and pro planet questions. We want you to dive deep!

– Conclusion Paragraph

That’s it!

Who are you writing about?

The top 5 most influential people in your chosen category.


Any person that you might know that is influential, local or beyond. Someone you would would love to highlight.

Not only will you search and connect with new person but you can also write about someone you are connected with in your life. Essentially two articles.

Here are the categories where you will choose your legendary person:

Pro Planet People Categories

Permaculture Design Course - PDC 72hr, Organic Agriculture, Biodynamic Methods, Permaculture Methods, Other Farming & Agriculture Systems, Solar Energy, Water Energy, Wind Energy, Solar Water Heating, Geo-thermal Energy, Other Energy: tidal, bio-gas, Plastic Solutions, Recycling, Air Cleaning, Water Cleaning, Land Reviving, Pollution Control, Composting & Alternative toilets, Septic, Reed Beds etc, Other Human Waste Processing, Rainwater Catchment, Harvesting, Earthworks: Swales, dams, etc, Drinking Water Filtering, Greywater, Irrigation, Surveying, Mapping and GIS, Keyline Technique, Other Water Management, Indigenous Building Methods, Earth Ships, Using Earth (cob, rammed, adobe, +), Using Wood (timber, bamboo, +), Other Natural Building Techniques, Natural/ Eco Clothing, Solar cookers, Chicken Tractors, etc, Biochar, Naturally Derived Cleaning, Bike & People Powered, Other DYI Projects, Companion Planting, Perennial Planting, Natural Pest Management, Natural Fungus, Disease Control, Soil Building, Mulching, Hugelkultur, Compost Tea, Composting, Vermicomposting, Mushroom Cultivation, Bioremediation, Urban Gardening & Ag, Vertical Gardening, Korean Natural Farming, Indigenous Methods, Hoop Houses, Greenhouses, Native Gardens & Spaces, Sustainable Landscaping, Tree Care, Planting, Food Forests, Hydroponics, Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Ocean Fish Farming, Algae and Water Plants, Indoor Growing, Polycultures & Crop Rotation, Other Gardening Methods, Beekeeping, Insects For food, Butterfly Sanctuary, Other Insect Projects, Grazing, Clothing, Milk, Egg Production, Microlivestock, Large Livestock for Meat (sustainable), Habitat Creation, Other Animal Management, Canning & Preservation, Food Processing Methods, Fermented Foods, Brewing, Other Food Processing, Sustainability Consultant, Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR), LEED, BREEAM, DGNB, Other Building Certification, People Planning Urban & Suburban, Bicycle Infrastructure, Parks / Green Spaces, Other People Planning, CSA, Food Coops, Running a Farm, Other Business Models, Innovative Responsible Technology, Gadgets: Sustainability, Growing, Large Indoor Growing, Software, Apps for Sustainability, Other Innovative Tech, Land Conservation, Park & Trail Management, Building Sustainable Communities, Eco Villages, Other Community Models, Social Sustainability & Justice, Aid Work w/ Sustainability, Permaculture, Biology, Botany, Ecology, Botanical Gardens, Plant Identification, Soil Science, Biotech & Agronomy, Other Earth Sciences, Marine Biology, Reef Restoration, Marine Life Preservation, Animal & Plant Preservation, Botanical Gardens, Landscape Restoration, Other Preservation, Planetary Research, Other Research, Permaculture – Teacher, Other Teacher Training, Herbalism & Medicinal Plants, Other Earth Based Healing, Primitive & Survival Skills, Wild & Local Foraging, Other Wild Topics.

Step 1: Pick one of your favorite categories and make a quick list of top 5-10 influencers in that category. Write that and save it we will do more on that later.

Step 2: Think of people you may know in any of these categories, someone you would love to share with the world. They should also be an influencer, with followers. Write and save this list.

Now you have two lists!

List #1 : Worldwide influencers in your favorite category.

List #2 : People who you want to highlight that you are already connected to.

proStep 3: Track down these people however you can and introduce yourself via email or whatever method you like.

Step 4: Email everyone on your lists. The people who respond first get started on contacting them right away.

The goal will be to do one from each list.

“Hi Joselin, I am learning about [permaculture, herbs, etc] and I would really love write an article about you and share your thoughts and advice with the world. Would you be willing to write the answers to 5 questions (like a email interview!) about [permaculture, herbs, etc]? Thank you!”  *Using your words, but you get the idea!

Step 5: When you get the answers you will write the article on word or in an email with an opening paragraph, answers, and a closing.  But keep the opening to one paragraph so that each article is similar in that format from every author we have.  The conclusion can be as long as you like, be creative and remember simple is good too! Pictures and video links are great additions. Please attach pictures to the email you send to us.

It will be necessary to have one picture of the person, hopefully something you can see their face and some pictures of their projects. More pictures the better! Video links are great!

Last Step: Email us at info [at] proplanetpeople [dot] com  or fill out the form below.

Included writing intro, answered questions pasted in, conclusion.

Included media: headshot of the person and some pictures of projects. Label in your article where you want the pictures.

That’s it! Earn 1 education credit per article!

At the moment 1 education credit can be redeemed for about $30 worth of education.

This is a pilot program and you are helping us build it’s structure. For your participation in this program, no matter what happens to the value of the education credits, you will get a free basic membership with us, just for writing 1 article! (a $60 value!)

Stay tuned for more projects and email us to stay in the loop!

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