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What does Eco-Hostel mean?

What does Eco mean for Hostels / Hotels / Lodges around the world?

At Pro Planet People we created a list of criteria for determining if an accommodation is Eco, and one step further we have come up with a rating system that will tell people wanting to stay how Eco it really is!

Please contact us if you want to be involved in the process defining how Eco a place can be.  Our ambassadors  earn free nights in our network of Eco-hotels / hostels and lodges worldwide.  On your next travels it will be your job to take picures, and give ratings based on list of criteria that we will send once you become an approved ambassador.  -Harry, Project Manger for Eco-Habitacion a universal rating for your next eco-bed while traveling.

Here is an example of some of criteria we use to rate accommodations.

Do they have Recycling?

Do they sell Plastic Water Bottles instead of providing other eco-methods of fill up?

Do they have Sustainability Features on the property?

  • Gardens
  • Fruit Trees
  • Composting
  • Social Sustainability
  • Natural Biodiversity
  • Animal Habitats

Are they involved in local programs or contribute to charity?

Are workers being treated fairly and paid fairly? Percentage of locals that are employed?

How many are employed per person count in the area (percentage impact and help for the community per how many jobs are available and upward movement, etc.)? Economic impact…

Locally owned?

and more…

eco hostel and eco hotel

Can you tell us how much you value you certain features for you to think a eco-hotel is really eco?


If you are interested in being a evaluator / ambassador, please contact us.




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