Pro Planet People Memberships

What does your membership support?

  1. – The active spreading of the message of sustainability & Permaculture through a unified effort.

  2. – Your membership gives you the option of being included in our people search engine.

  1. – If you choose to be on the search engine, Pro Planet People will create a unique marketing campaign to highlight your profile on Facebook, Google Adwords and other media.

  2. Scholarships for locals & people in need, to attend these courses.

  3. Change policy and lobby for the environment

  4. – Develop the first SAPO! (Sustainable Alternatives, Permaculture & Organic methods) closed looped education to work center.

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  1. 1. Customized advertising and marketing campaign for your person profile you listed on Pro Planet People. Really! Remember, the power is in the numbers. As we push the idea of Professionals and Teachers in Permaculture and Sustainability it becomes more widely see and know.
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    1. – Many of our members go on to add money to their campaign and we manage it for them
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    3. – We also offer advanced packages in marketing and advertising, that include a new or updated website, help with building the your Pro Planet People profile, your LinkedIn profile and more. Read our Extra Marketing, Web and Advertisting page for more details.
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  7. 2. Scholarship fund for locals and people in need, to help attend these courses.
    1.      This fund will help even out the distribution of graduates and enable locals to attend the courses as the courses often cost more than a local person can afford.  In short, be a part of the community you are teaching in and include locals in the push for a better environment.  Funny thing: the locals will probably end up teaching you too!
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    3. + Imagine: A teacher of sustainability and Permaculture in every language in every country in the world. That is real access to education!
  8. 3. Support Pro Planet People member groups and their efforts for organization, to help push local policy change in support of Sustainability and Permaculture.
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    1. + Imagine: A town hall meeting discussing an new housing development where a group of  professionals in sustainability speak to the board on how to make sure the development is considering and implementing sustainable, resilient concepts of development. We will help fund those campaigns and send Pro Planet People members to the meetings.
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    3. + Imagine: When you register you are now in the directory of teachers & professionals for certain topics in you area. The website is built to help you promote your group of local education conferences and seminars for your area.
  10. 4. The BIG Pro Planet People plan and help us create the first physical closed loop free education to internship/apprenticeship to employment on connected businesses, schools and farms.
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    1. + Imagine: Free education in exchange for interning at our farm or business location, with a transition to paid apprentice / employment / teacher.

      We are already planning closed loop education to work centers in many regions of the world.

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