plastic mulch organic farming

Plastic to Regenerative Organic

plastic mulch organic farmingComing soon: A series on plastic mulch “organic” farming and it’s transformation to holistic regenerative practices.

Story: Our Journey from Plastic to Regenerative Organic. Building and mini organic veggie farm!

Conflict: Using plastic for mulch aka Plastic-Culture, Plastic (PVC, Poly tubing) for Irrigation.

Planned Chapters:

How to setup Irrigation

Wildlife Corridor and Swales

Fruit Trees

Hay in the path

Core method

Climax: Pulling out the plastic

Resolution: Using the Hay, Trying a core method?!

Stay tuned and please comment if you have had a similar experience and would like share. 

If you have any insights and stores you would like to write, share in picture of video form please contacts us on our contact page.


Harry Pasa

About Harry Pasa

I love being a part of something with the goal to keep the air breathable, the water clean and the food real & fresh. Beets in the back, solar roof top, digging the scene, with a bicycle lean. Yes Please!