100 Bucks – click to adjust

  1. 1. 6 FREE nights in 3 breathtaking locations!
  2. - 2 nights each in the stunning rainforest of Colombia, a magical beach turtle sanctuary in El Salvador and a tropical Permaculture spot near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico!
  3. - That's less than $20 a night for private rooms in incredible places!
  4. 2. You get on the list of First 100 Friends -- giving you exclusive access to courses, promos and other rad discounts!
  5. 4. You get to know that you helped support your boy at a critical do-or-die launch of an essential offering to the planet and its creatures! I'll be putting you name in lights, in my heart, and sending personal emails to you about our progress from here on out!
  6. 5. You will receive a personal fund of use-able credits for future Pro Planet People education opportunities -- and the more you donate, the more credits you will receive!
  7. 6. Your donation will be matched for scholarships for future students as well as free listings for people who can't afford it.
With these funds, we will be able to...
  1. 1. Hire a writer to help with grammar, my nemesis!
  2. 2. Make needed design updates for mobile and PC.
  3. 3. 1,000 Universities project - see video>>
  4. 4. Produce higher quality videos about the Pro Planet People story and what we are all about!
  5. 5. Hire a communicator to reach out to special people and write articles about them and their amazing places.  (Yup, we need help if you like research, communicating and writing!)
  6. 6. Continue to pay website operating expenses: companies to help us with encryption, privacy, secure payment and high level web hosting.
  7. 7. Continue to pay our web programmers to grow this website!
  8. 8. Build the investment needed to purchase land for our 1st of 1,000 universities we are building! As First 100 you are in invited to visit and stay whenever, forever! Did you see the video? click here >
  9. 9. Get the App started, which is going to be awesome!
  10. 10. So much more! I promise you, I have a lot off great things up my sleeve. I just need a little help.
Any gift over:
  1. - $500 gets you .1% stake in the website!
  2. - $150 gets you 6 free nights at a spot of your choice, plus all the other benefits!
  3. - $50, still gets you 2 free nights stay!
  4. - $1, gets you my love for life and included in my personal emails!
Anything helps! Thanks, - Harry




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