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Nevada CityUnited StatesConscious Concierge - Connector - Producers
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Conscious Concierge - Connector - Producers
Who am I?
Sustainable Living, Eco-based Technology, Sustainable Communities
Catalyst of culture

Igniting Collaboration through Connection
Catalyst, Social Alchemist, Cultural Voyager, Muse, Facilitator of Connections, Solutionary

Change-Maker : a person or event that sparks change.

The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

Social Alchemist + Social Impact Architect
A person or group that take a problem, transforms it into an idea and then an impactful solution, which can be scaled to create change.

An explorer associated with long, uncertain journeys, the word voyager has often been used for naming spaceships in science fiction and real life.

A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration.

Facilitator of Connections
Bridger, Relationship Builder, Weaver, Guide, Networker : one who facilities more synergistic collaboration through deeper connecting.

A person who is able to identify inhumane and unsustainable systems, then develop solutions that are healthy and just for people, animals, and the environment. ... It takes research and investigation to understand the root causes, belief systems, and systemic structures that cause persistent problems.

A world where all Nature is thriving. A world of Oneness.
A world where humans have conscious connection with self, community, nature and access to the tools to navigate challenges, find solutions and empowerment.
A world where everyone's basic needs are met and we reach for our highest potential.

To uplift and empower individuals and organizations through synergistic collaboration by offering conscious regenerative solutions and connections.

Thank you for joining this journey with me. Come along for the ride, let me be a guide, I won't lie, there will be some rough sailing ahead to uncharted places but if it does't challenge us it won't change us AND we are CHANGE-MAKERS!
Let me be a Catalyst in your life.
I will ignite and empower you with insight, tools and trusted connections to reach your full potential and make an impact .

What kind of Catalyst are you?

Show us!
One of my Sustainable Projects
Co-creator / producer of the event.
Seeking Opportunities
Work / Professional - Paid, Consultations, Teaching, Depends on the opportunity
Network Concierge
Any, Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Depends
Sustainable Communities, Other (list below)

I host weekly calls to meet new people doing AMAZING work in the world. Come join the movement! --

30 min Free Consultation

Project / Goal Assessment

2 x 1 hour call/chats or 4x 30 min calls/chats x Month

Meditations/Affirmations, Advising , Recommendations
Up to 2 trusted connections introductions, follow ups
Introductions, Recruiting , Advising, Empowering, Brainstorming, Ideating, Musing

People Planning Urban & Suburban
Other Business Models, Innovative Responsible Technology, Software, Apps for Sustainability
Teacher Info - Add Course Here
Maybe for the right opportunity
Leadership and Networking
Company Directory
Group Collaboration - BY INVITE ONLY - BETA
Nevada City
United States
North America USA West
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