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Nevada CityUnited StatesSoil Scientist
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Soil Scientist
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Organic Farming & Ag, Regenerative Systems, Permaculture, Gardening, Earth Sciences

Keisha is a co-owner at Catalyst BioAmendments of Nevada City, California along with Casey, Gregory, and Zach. Keisha and Casey are Soil Foodweb Consultants who come from a regenerative agriculture background based out of Southern Ecuador.

All owners at Catalyst study with the Soil Foodweb School and have a deep love for microscopy. They are united by a mission to help beneficial soil microbes spread.

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Testing soil at our facility under a microscope.
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We build our own soil, often using crops that we grow ourselves.
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Soil Scientist - Soil Vender
Large Regenerative Systems, Growing & Gardens, Earth Sciences
Soil Science
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Soil Science
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Nevada City
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To find out more about the Soil Foodweb School, to see case studies, read peer reviewed studies, and articles published about the Soil Foodweb approach and Dr. Ingham’s work, please see

If you want to really get some deeper understanding of soil microbiology, the USDA has published Dr. Ingham’s Soil Biology Primer for your reading pleasure on the NRCS page linked here:

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