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IquitosPeruPermaculture Teacher, Peramculture Designer, Conservationist, Bioconstructor, Innovator
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Permaculture Teacher, Peramculture Designer, Conservationist, Bioconstructor, Innovator
Who am I?
Large Regenerative Systems, Permaculture, Sustainable Energy, Waste Management, Human Waste Management, Water Management, Natural Building, Miscellaneous DYI, Growing & Gardens, Food Processing & Preservation, Sustainability Consultant & CSR, Business Models in Sustainability, Innovative Technology, Land Conservation, Sustainable Communities, Earth Sciences, Horticulture & Preservation, Research, Primitive, Wild, Survival
Earthships, Super Adobe Homes, Design implementation, Swale implementation, Rainwater harvest systems, Cisterns, Gravity-assisted solar hot water showers, vermiculture, compost toilets,

Originally from Texas, Justin grew up helping his grandparents working in their garden and living off the land. He has an extensive path of certifications and experiences from around the world, including Guatemala, Peru and Taiwan. From his first steps started when he was awarded a scholarship for a Master's Degree in Organic Agriculture but instead abandon his scholarship to learn the mastery of Bill Mollison and David Holmgren (the co-founders of Permaculture). Until now, he has never stopped working in permaculture and visionary architecture. He loves exotic fruits, yoga, music, meditation, and traveling. He is a Permaculture Designer and instructor, and founder and director of Eco-Héroes De La Tierra.

Permaculture Designer - 6 years
Systems Designer - 15 years
Sustainability Consultant - 6 years
Landscape Designer/Developer - 20 years
Gardener - 10 years
Project Manager/Planner - 6 years
Event Organizer - 10 years
Grower/Cultivator - 6 years
PDC Teacher - 1 year
Teacher in multiple sustainable classes - 6 years
Aid Worker - 6 years
Green Builder - 6 years
Waste Management Professional - 6 years
Biologist / Mycologist - 8 years
Water Conservation and Protection Professional - 6 years
Bio-Remediation Professional - 6 years
Conservationist - 3 years
Forestry Professional - 2 years
Restoration - Environmental Scientist - 2 years

My education timeline is coming soon... (Ask for it!)

Show us!
One of my Sustainable Projects
Earthship Charity Build in a Mayan Indigenous Community in San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala
Pictures of Something I have built or helped build
I helped build the Towers at the Earthship Headquarters in Taos, New Mexico
Permaculture/ Landscape Design I have made
Permaculture / Eco Village Design that I made with a Peruvian architect in 2014 for a 5 families in a rural area called Pachacamac outside of Lima, Peru
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Our Client Questionnaire can be found here: https://goo.gl/Mh4ofk
Permaculture Design Certification Course in Tarapoto, Peru
Palo Verde Ecolodge Design, Costa Rica
Seeking Opportunities
Permaculture Teacher, Permaculture Designer, Conservationist
Full Time, Part Time, Contract, Any type
Large Regenerative Systems, Waste Management, Human Waste Management, Water Management, Natural Building, Miscellaneous DYI, Growing & Gardens, Insects, Animals, Food Processing & Preservation, Sustainability Consultant & CSR, People Planning Urban & Suburban, Business Models in Sustainability, Innovative Technology, Land Conservation, Sustainable Communities, Social Sustainability & Aid, Earth Sciences, Horticulture & Preservation, Research, Teacher Training, Herbalism & Medicinal Plants
PEN Peruvian nuevo sol

Normally we begin with an initial client questionnaire, consultation, and recommendations based on the clients wants and needs.

Depends on what the client wants.

Teacher Info - Add Course Here
PDC 72hour, Bioconstruction, Earthship, Super Adobe, Rainwater Harvest Systems
Workshops in Sustainability (shorter)
Company Directory
Eco-Héroes De La Tierra
Founder, General Manager, Principle Designer, Consultant and Teacher
Conservation, Ecosystem Restoration, Regenerative Agriculture, Permaculture Education

Our responsibility is to return the Earth to our children in a better condition than the one we inherit.

Our mission is to work in collaboration with Youth Organizations, Indigenous Peoples, Educational Institutions, Government Departments, Non-Governmental Organizations, International Organizations and Corporations that work in a socially and environmentally responsible manner to offer creative, innovative and effective solutions to affect Ecological, Social issues , Cultural and Economic related to the mitigation of Climate Change, environmental degradation, deforestation, water pollution and sanitation, management and reduction of waste, strengthening the resilience of food systems, disaster prevention, the implementation of Educational Programs and the creation of employment in Regenerative and Circular Economies. We remain committed to the service of caring for the Earth and dedicate ourselves to never participate in business, actions or practices that ultimately result in hurting the people and / or ecosystems that are necessary to sustain life on Earth.

Permaculture Design Course - PDC 72hr, Organic Agriculture, Permaculture Methods, Other Farming & Agriculture Systems, Solar Energy, Water Energy, Solar Water Heating, Other Energy: tidal, bio-gas, etc, Plastic Solutions, Recycling, Water Cleaning, Land Reviving, Pollution Control, Composting & Alternative toilets, Septic, Reed Beds etc, Other Human Waste Processing, Rainwater Catchment, Harvesting, Earthworks: Swales, dams, etc, Drinking Water Filtering, Greywater, Irrigation, Other Water Management, Indigenous Building Methods, Earth Ships, Using Earth (cob, rammed, adobe,+), Using Wood (timber, bamboo, +), Other Natural Building Techniques, Solar cookers, Chicken Tractors, etc, Biochar, Bike & People Powered, Other DYI Projects, Companion Planting, Perennial Planting, Natural Pest Management, Natural Fungus, Disease Control, Soil Building, Mulching, Hugelkultur, Compost Tea, Composting, Vermicomposting, Mushroom Cultivation, Bioremediation, Urban Gardening & Ag, Vertical Gardening, Indigenous Methods, Hoop Houses, Greenhouses, Native Gardens & Spaces, Sustainable Landscaping, Tree Care, Planting, Food Forests, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Polycultures & Crop Rotation, Other Gardening Methods, Beekeeping, Habitat Creation, Canning & Preservation, Food Processing Methods, Fermented Foods, Brewing, Other Food Processing, Sustainability Consultant, Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR), Bicycle Infrastructure, CSA, Food Coops, Running a Farm, Other Business Models, Innovative Responsible Technology, Gadgets: Sustainability, Growing, Large Indoor Growing, Software, Apps for Sustainability, Other Innovative Tech, Land Conservation, Park & Trail Management, Building Sustainable Communities, Eco Villages, Other Community Models, Social Sustainability & Justice, Aid Work w/ Sustainability, Permaculture, Biology, Ecology, Soil Science, Other Earth Sciences, Animal & Plant Preservation, Landscape Restoration, Other Preservation, Planetary Research, Other Research, Permaculture – Teacher, Primitive & Survival Skills, Wild & Local Foraging, Other Wild Topics
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