regenerative agriculture systems and planning

Large Regenerative Systems

regenerative agriculture systems and planningRegenerative agriculture is the idea that we need to be beyond just being sustainable.  The global farming and land managment practices need to be not just sustaining our planet but we need to actually regenerate resources

Using intelligent systems of design we will partner with nature. Protect the soil and keep diversity in mid at every turn. When we preserve the carbon and sequester carbon into the soil many things happen.

  1. To a big degree, bare soil is the issue. Stand on a desert, you feet burn, stand on grass you are cool.  

When it rains on a desert, all moisture evaporates quickly putting water vapor in the area which is essentially another form of greenhouse gas. It does not pollute but it does heat up the planet with it’s greenhouse effects.

Pour water onto a desert and watch it flow away from the landscape not into. When water penetrates into the landscape it fill the aquifers. Then replenishing the nearby wetlands. This water creates stable weather patterns. Some say most water from normal storms comes from with 100 mile radius. This is stable weather which we lose when the water does not penetrate the soil. 

Lastly as water penetrates and promotes life in all levels of the ground, we see growth in many ways. Plant growth, insects, microbial activity, fungal activity add carbon into the soil. The transpiration of water from the lands with plants is different in terms of hydrology than quick evaporation. The transpiration cools the planet and it’s surface. Like a swamp cooler.

Regenerative agriculture calls for no bare soil and so much more. It’s a more Holistic approach to land managment and is one of the key concepts for Pro Planet People to learn and teach.

Some terms you should know when speaking about Regenerative Agriculture and Design are:

  1. Permaculture
  2. Keyline Design
  3. Biodynamic Farming
  4. Regenerative Organic Farming
  5. Carbon Farming
  6. Improving water quality
  7. Enhancing Ecostystems
  8. Enriching soil
  9. Increasing Biodiversity

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