Human Waste

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Why is human waste a topic in Pro Planet People. Well, for one, we are what we eat, also what we eat eventually leaves our bodies and has been treated as waste in most of our modern world.

Few things of note when it come to Human Waste

1. Many of the nutrients that we eat get absorbed and they also get expelled by our bodies.

2. Pee is a great fertilizer. Don’t pee on the leaves and stem.   From what I understand it’s not a great idea to pee on plant more than once in a season because of the salt in our urine and possible toxins might not be good for the plant.

Studies say 10-1-4 to 11-1-2.5 for the NPK – Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium, which is equal to some ratios that people buy at the store!

Urine: Closing the NPK Loop

3. Humanure!

Human manure: Closing the nutrient loop

4. Did you know we are already using human waste in agriculture?



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