Reserva Biologica Caoba

What: A biological reserve in Colombia with over 200 types of trees, 300 medicinal plants, natural wildlife zones and some man made habitat creation to help reproduce and maintain existence of some endangered species. Botanical gardens, extensive waterwork, earthwork, fruit trees, aquatic plants, tree houses, Permaculture, Sustainable methods, vermicomposting, water power and food and herbal gardening.

Where: Colombia – Paso del Mango , outside of Santa Marta in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountains



Sustainability Features:

Extensive Connected Water Work

Handmade Large Worm Container


Renewable Energy using Water Generated Power


Drinking Water: free for fill up, do not sell plastic water bottles

Aquaculture & Aquaponics

Currently not using Composting or other innovative human waste systems

Natural & Sustainable Building: Cob oven, Bamboo Structures


Plants and Trees:

Bio Diversity of Plants : over 300 medicinal plants. Plants by Reserva Biologica Caoba

Bio Diversity of Trees: over 200 species planted

Fruit Trees


Water Plants


Conservation of Creatures:

Animal Conservation

Wildlife Conservation

Insect Conservation

Native Habitat Creation

Endangered Species Breeding Programs



Currently not offering courses, aside from a tour of the property


Community & Social:

Social Impact, Fair living wages and Fair working conditions


Cultural & Historical Preservation


Living spaces:

2 Bungalows, 2 Houses Style Rooms, 1 Tree House, 1 Dormitory

The tree house is the closest to thing to sustainable lodging as it also doubles as bat habitat.



For more information please visit there website www.reserva-biologica-caoba.com or search Reserva Biologica Caoba, Colombia.

Harry Pasa

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I love being a part of something with the goal to keep the air breathable, the water clean and the food real & fresh. Beets in the back, solar roof top, digging the scene, with a bicycle lean. Yes Please!

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