Human Waste

Editorial content, please see below if you would like to contribute to this topic. Why is human waste a topic in Pro Planet People. Well, for one, we are what […]

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plastic mulch organic farming

Plastic to Regenerative Organic

Coming soon: A series on plastic mulch “organic” farming and it’s transformation to holistic regenerative practices. Story: Our Journey from Plastic to Regenerative Organic. Building and mini organic veggie farm! […]

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Vermicomposting is using worms to process waste just like you would a compost bin. This is a great video to see what worms can do! Why is vermicomposting a category […]

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regenerative agriculture systems and planning

Large Regenerative Systems

Regenerative agriculture is the idea that we need to be beyond just being sustainable.  The global farming and land managment practices need to be not just sustaining our planet but […]

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Innovative Ocean Fish Farming

 Harry’s Humble Pie: The Video Rabbit Hole Research Reports Series The present state of our planet is that we harvest and consume a lot of resources. The hunter and […]

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eco lodging eoc hostels hotels

What does Eco-Hostel mean?

What does Eco mean for Hostels / Hotels / Lodges around the world? At Pro Planet People we created a list of criteria for determining if an accommodation is Eco, […]

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Fruit Solar Dehydrator

SAPO! Education Series Energy from the Sun! What a wonderful thing. The sun is always shining somewhere and in some applications of the present/future solar energy can be collected 24/7 […]

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