About Us

What does Pro Planet People stand for?

We believe that we are all pro planet people. We all like to breath clean air, clean water, eat fresh clean food and have shelter and clothing. That is the essence of the being Pro Planet. Pro planet is the art of being for the planet and all it’s creatures! This project is based on the acronym SEPOR! SEPOR! = Sustainability, Ecology, Permaculture, Organic and Regenerative practices. The knowledge and techniques are out there for a bright future, we just have to learn it, share it and implement it.

The Birth of an idea:

One of our founding members was searching for a Permaculture course in Mexico and found it hard to get the info needed to make a proper decision on what course to attend.  What a great idea, he thought it would be, to have all the Permaculture Design Courses organized in a search engine, all in one place. The directory should be filtered by price, location, and other metrics. It should be as simple as searching for a flight, but instead sustainable courses, people and places. Each course should also link to the it’s teachers and facilitators with a standard profile for each. Making it easier to know before you go.

What happened next:

As the courses were being added by our volunteers and staff, some fun bi-products began to reveal themselves. With each course, be default add a school, location or farm was added to the directory! Awesome! Another thing happened, Professionals also wanted their profile in the people search too! —Apparently, the idea of a searchable directory of humans doing great things for the planet in terms of Sustainability & Permaculture is a popular idea in our community. It seemed our users wanted a non-corporate alternative for LinkedIn, with more focus on SEPOR.

our plan for the Pro Planet People Website

pro planet people sustainabilityProplanetpeople.com was was born after seeing that there was not one unified marketplace for Courses, People & Places in Sustainability, Permaculture and other Organic and Regenerative Practices.

We created a marketing platform that maximizes visibility while creating opportunities for growth in Sustainability and Permaculture. Through memberships, course postings, claiming locations & posting schools we help fund a unified marketing machine that makes us all stronger together.
Through this website we can reach more people than we could ever reach alone.
This is the cornerstone and purpose of Pro Planet People. Popularize, publicize and legitimize the work of healing the planet.

Our Marketing strategy:

+ The bigger the website, the more pages it has, the more content is has, the links to the website from outside sources and the more time spent on the website all = higher rankings on Google and other Search Engines. … of course that is not everything when it comes to Google or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but believe us it is a really good method to get higher rankings. + Memberships and course posting fees give us more capital for advertising & marketing campaigns on Google, Facebook and other platforms. Instead of everyone paying separate costs to advertise themselves we are pooling together money to reach more people with the power of a bigger budget. Together we stand stronger, a unified, effective voice for positive change. *Every time our team points a visitor over to our website we are increasing the chances they will see more courses than what they were looking for originally. Hence the feature “Related Courses.” + Viral Ability: As word is shared about Pro Planet People by others, word spreads about what our members are doing. Essentially the word of Sustainability and Permaculture now has a larger platform with larger credibility. This enables us to reach a larger audience that may never been able to be reached.

Current Action Items:

1. Create a core, for the planet education curriculum based in Sustainability and Permaculture combining the courses on this website. 2. Show where, when and how these core courses can be taken worldwide. 3. Utilize membership and course fees for amazing things like:
  1. – Scholarships for these courses.
  2. – Changing policy and lobbying for the environment
  3. – Create unique advertising and marketing campaigns to help spread info about the people, places & courses on ProPlanetPeople.com
  4. – Develop the properties for our first SEPOR! closed looped education to work center.
  5. Check out our 1,000 Universities Video
  6. – Create an app which notifies users when course, location or someone is nearby.

The Pro Planet People Grand Plan for education:

I. Give a new option for education outside of the current of the debt education system. II. Offer a major/curriculum/focus of study in Sustainability, Regenerative Practices and Permaculture. III. Offer this program for free. Scholarships first… IV. Include internships to apprenticeships to work. V. Create a worldwide network of SEPOR! Education to Work Centers where this can happen. At these centers you can – – Get education for free… pay for that education while getting work experience (internships, apprenticeships) … gain work experience at one of our network of Pro Planet People Places, School and Locations which sell the goods that are grown/created at the place, in turn helping fund the whole system. VI. Make the core SEPOR! education as a necessary item on every resume and CV in the world of the future. SEPOR! graduates are the most desired type of graduate as this type of education is vital for the survival of the natural world.


Pro Planet People is a tight group of principal Designers & Programmers (Harry & Umesh) and has been made possible with a fluctuating team of Computer Gurus, Artists, Consultants, Advisors, Visionaries, and Change Makers based all over the world. We thank you for your help and feedback. Ask how you can be a part of the team, by visiting our contact us page.