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pro planet people videoI truly believe I have 100 friends out there that got my back! This awesome project is so close to launch, I just need a little boost!

100 bucks from 100 friends.

Join me in helping the planet and it’s creatures!

– Thank you so much! – Harry

P.S. Each first 100 friend gets 2 nights in 3 cool eco-hotels and first choice every time I add a new spot!

If you want to go BIGGER or smaller please click here! *I also need ambassadors, writers/bloggers (info here!), investors and feedback* contact me! – Also learn about us
  1. 1. 6 FREE nights in 3 breathtaking locations!
  2. - 2 nights each in the stunning rainforest of Colombia, a magical beach turtle sanctuary in El Salvador and a tropical Permaculture spot near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico!
  3. - That's less than $20 a night for private rooms in incredible places!
  4. 2. You get on the list of First 100 Friends -- giving you exclusive access to courses, promos and other rad discounts!
  5. 4. You get to know that you helped support your boy at a critical do-or-die launch of an essential offering to the planet and its creatures! I'll be putting you name in lights, in my heart, and sending personal emails to you about our progress from here on out!
  6. 5. You will receive a personal fund of use-able credits for future Pro Planet People education opportunities -- and the more you donate, the more credits you will receive!
  7. 6. Your donation will be matched for scholarships for future students as well as free listings for people who can't afford it.
With these funds, we will be able to...
  1. 1. Hire a writer to help with grammar, my nemesis!
  2. 2. Make needed design updates for mobile and PC.
  3. 3. 1,000 Universities project - see video>>
  4. 4. Produce higher quality videos about the Pro Planet People story and what we are all about!
  5. 5. Hire a communicator to reach out to special people and write articles about them and their amazing places.  (Yup, we need help if you like research, communicating and writing!)
  6. 6. Continue to pay website operating expenses: companies to help us with encryption, privacy, secure payment and high level web hosting.
  7. 7. Continue to pay our web programmers to grow this website!
  8. 8. Build the investment needed to purchase land for our 1st of 1,000 universities we are building! As First 100 you are in invited to visit and stay whenever, forever! Did you see the video? click here >
  9. 9. Get the App started, which is going to be awesome!
  10. 10. So much more! I promise you, I have a lot off great things up my sleeve. I just need a little help.
After you go through the donation process,  I am going to ask you “What are you into?” from the topics below…
Permaculture Design Course - PDC 72hr, Organic Agriculture, Biodynamic Methods,  Permaculture Methods, Other Farming & Agriculture Systems,  Solar Energy,  Water Energy,  Wind Energy,  Solar Water Heating,  Geo-thermal Energy,  Other Energy: tidal,  bio-gas,  Plastic Solutions,  Recycling,  Air Cleaning,  Water Cleaning,  Land Reviving,  Pollution Control,  Composting & Alternative toilets,  Septic,  Reed Beds etc,  Other Human Waste Processing,  Rainwater Catchment,  Harvesting,  Earthworks: Swales,  dams,  etc,  Drinking Water Filtering,  Greywater,  Irrigation,  Surveying,  Mapping and GIS,  Keyline Technique,  Other Water Management,  Indigenous Building Methods,  Earth Ships,  Using Earth (cob,  rammed,  adobe, +),  Using Wood (timber,  bamboo,  +),  Other Natural Building Techniques,  Natural/ Eco Clothing,  Solar cookers,  Chicken Tractors,  etc,  Biochar,  Naturally Derived Cleaning,  Bike & People Powered,  Other DYI Projects, Companion Planting,  Perennial Planting,  Natural Pest Management,  Natural Fungus,  Disease Control,  Soil Building,  Mulching,  Hugelkultur, Compost Tea, Composting, Vermicomposting,  Mushroom Cultivation,  Bioremediation,  Urban Gardening & Ag,  Vertical Gardening,  Korean Natural Farming,  Indigenous Methods,  Hoop Houses,  Greenhouses,  Native Gardens & Spaces,  Sustainable Landscaping,  Tree Care,  Planting,  Food Forests,  Hydroponics,  Aquaculture,  Aquaponics,  Ocean Fish Farming,  Algae and Water Plants,  Indoor Growing,  Polycultures & Crop Rotation,  Other Gardening Methods,  Beekeeping,  Insects For food,  Butterfly Sanctuary, Other Insect Projects, Grazing,  Clothing,  Milk,  Egg Production,  Microlivestock,  Large Livestock for Meat (sustainable),  Habitat Creation,  Other Animal Management,  Canning & Preservation,  Food Processing Methods,  Fermented Foods,  Brewing,  Other Food Processing,  Sustainability Consultant,  Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR),  LEED,  BREEAM,  DGNB,  Other Building Certification,  People Planning Urban & Suburban,  Bicycle Infrastructure,  Parks / Green Spaces,  Other People Planning,  CSA,  Food Coops,  Running a Farm,  Other Business Models,  Innovative Responsible Technology,  Gadgets: Sustainability,  Growing,  Large Indoor Growing,  Software,  Apps for Sustainability,  Other Innovative Tech,  Land Conservation,  Park & Trail Management,  Building Sustainable Communities,  Eco Villages,  Other Community Models,  Social Sustainability & Justice,  Aid Work w/ Sustainability,  Permaculture,  Biology,  Botany,  Ecology,  Botanical Gardens,  Plant Identification,  Soil Science,  Biotech & Agronomy,  Other Earth Sciences,  Marine Biology,  Reef Restoration,  Marine Life Preservation,  Animal & Plant Preservation,  Botanical Gardens,  Landscape Restoration,  Other Preservation,  Planetary Research,  Other Research,  Permaculture – Teacher,  Other Teacher Training,  Herbalism & Medicinal Plants,  Other Earth Based Healing,  Primitive & Survival Skills,  Wild & Local Foraging,  Other Wild Topics.
I will personally make sure you have top level access to all the new and awesome stuff that we will be gifting away. You are my First 100 Pro Planet People! You get a special place in my heart and with the planet and it’s creatures that we are trying to help. Thanks for holding it down! Let’s do this! Go >> -Harry! Want to be a manager of one of those categories above? contact  me